Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai Revisited

आज भी तन्हाई है। (Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai) - Lonely Even Today

This bilingual poetry was written on 11th September 2012. In my series of revisiting old classics for the new audience I am bringing some of my works back with modifications is required. Hope those who are reading it first time will also like it. The tone of this ghazal is bit depressing where the poet lamenting about his loneliness. 

कितने दिन बीत गए, कितनी रातें आयी हैं,
आज भी रुसवा हूँ मै, आज भी तन्हाई हैं।
Kitne Din Beet Gaye, Kitni Ratein Aai Hain,
Aaj Bhi Ruswa Hun Mein, Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai.

Many days have passed, many nights came,
Ignored and lonely even today, my fate is same.
न जाने कितनी बहारें इस दरख़्त पर छाई हैं,
फिर भी सुखा है ये, पतझड़ ही इसने पाई है। आज भी तन्हाई है।
Na Jaane Kitni Baharein Is Darakht Par Chai Hain,
Phir Bhi Sukha Hai Ye, Patjhad Hi Isne Pai Hai.
Aaj Bhi Tanhai Hai.

Who knows how many springs witnessed by this tree,
But it is still dry and from autumn it's not free.
lonely even today.

हर परिंदा उड़ता ह…

Ae Mohabbat Tere Anjam Pe Rona Aaya

ऐ मोहब्बत तेरे अंजाम पे रोना आया। (Ae Mohabbat Tere Anjaam Pe Rona Aaya) - O Love Your Results Brought Tears To My Eye - Shakeel Badayuni This Shakeel Badayuni ghazal is about a dejected lover who is lamenting on failure of his love. This ghazal is also used in the movie Mughal-e-Azam directed by K.Asif. I have tried to translate it here and hope that you will like it. 

ऐ मोहब्बत तिरे अंजाम पे रोना आया, जाने क्यूँ आज तिरे नाम पे रोना आया।   Ae Mohabbat Tere Anjaam Pe Rona Aaya, Jaane Kyun Aaj Tere Naam Pe Rona Aaya.
O love your results brought tear to my eyes Don't know why your mention today make me cry.
यूँ तो हर शाम उमीदों में गुज़र जाती है, आज कुछ बात है जो शाम पे रोना आया।   Yun To Har Shaam Ummedon Mein Guzar Jaati Hai, Aaj Kuch Baat Hai Jo Chand Pe Rona Aaya.
Every evening passed like this in hopes dry, There's something today that this evening made me cry.
कभी तक़दीर का मातम कभी दुनिया का गिला,  मंज़िल-ए-इश्क़ में हर गाम पे रोना आया।  Kabhi Taqdeer Ka Matam Kabhi Duniya Ka Gila,

Shayari #18

शायरी #18 (Couplet)

The current killings in the country in name of religion inspired this Sher (couplet). 

सदियों में जो जानवर इंसान बन पाया, इंसानियत को भूल गया जब मज़हब उसे आया। सिफ़र  Sadiyon Mein Jo Janwar Insaan Ban Paya, Insaniyat Ko Bhool Gaya Jab Mazhab Use Aaya.
 Cifar #######
Animals which became human in centuries, When learn religion forgot human chivalry. - Cifar

Aaj Eid Hai!

Aaj Eid Hai!
Eid-ul-Fitr is feast of Ramzaan. The day which is dedicated to celebrations after the month of fasting in which Muslims need to share there happiness with those who are less privileged to enjoy this festival fully. I like to wish all of you Eid Mubarak, Happy Eid.  

खुशियों से गले मिल लो यार आज ईद है, मिटादो सारे बीते मुद्दे यार आज ईद है।  बाटो न नफ़रतें बस प्यार आज ईद है।  Khushiyon Se Gale Mil Lo Yaar Aaj Eid Hai, Mitado Saare Beete Mudde Yaar Aaj Eid Hai, Baton Na Nafratein Bas Pyaar Aaj Eid Hai.

Khayaal Revisited

ख़याल (Thought) How lover forget himself in love is expressed in this bilingual Ghazal first written on 9th Feb 2012. In need to refresh my earlier Ghazals I am revisiting them again and making changes if possible to beautify them. This endeavor is to introduce my new readers to my previous works. Hope they will like it too.

जब भी तेरा ख़याल आता है में खुद को भूल जाता हूँ, तन्हा बैठा-बैठा होले से मुस्कुराता हूँ।
Jab Bhi Tera Khyal Aata Hai Mein Khud Ko Bhool Jata Hun,
Tanha Baitha-Baitha Hole Se Muskurata Hun.

Whenever I think of  you,to myself I forgets
smile slowly in loneliness.
सोचता कुछ हूँ कर कुछ और जाता हूँ , न जाने क्या-क्या बातें तुझे बताता हूँ,  तुझे रूठा समझकर मनाता हूँ, तुझे सुनकर में झूम जाता हूँ। सच तेरे ख्याल में खुद को भूल जाता हूँ 
Sochta Kuch Hun Kar Kuch Aur Jaata Hun,
Na Jaane Kya-Kya Baate Tujhe Batata Hun,
Tujhe Rutha Samajhkar Manata Hun,
Tujhe Sunkar Mein Jhoom Jata Hun.
Sach Tere Khayal Mein Khud Ko Bhool Jaata Hun.

I think something but do something else
Various things to …

Haiku - Counter Terror

Haiku - Counter Terror

Terror in the world  togetherness is the key hold hands against it
Avoid the blame game division is their mission  life in unity

Wo Dil Hi Kya Tire Milne Ki Jo Dua Na Kare

वो दिल ही क्या तिरे मिलने की जो दुआ न करे। Wo Dil Hi Kya Tere Milne Ki Jo Dua Na Kare - Qateel Shifai This is 'Qateel Shifai' love ghazal where he is praying to die than to live in separation. In all stanzas he is demanding death or destruction or something like that for not getting love. The famous 'Sher' from this ghazal 'Ye Theek Hai ........Juda Na Kare' (third stanza) he is saying that no one die in love but even though no one should be separated as he know the pain of it. I have translated it here and hope you will like it. 

वो दिल ही क्या तिरे मिलने की जो दुआ न करे,  मैं तुझ को भूल के ज़िंदा रहूँ ख़ुदा न करे।  Wo Dil Hi Kya Tere Milne Ki Jo Dua Na Kare, Mein Tujh Ko Bhul Ke Zinda Rahun Khuda Na Kare.
That heart is useless which don't pray for meeting with you, God forbid that I live after forgetting you.
रहेगा साथ तिरा प्यार ज़िंदगी बन कर, ये और बात मिरी ज़िंदगी वफ़ा न करे।  Rahega Saath Tera Pyaar Zindagi Ban Kar, Ye Aur Baat Meri Zindagi Wafa Na Kare.