Literature in Motion #1 DDLJ

Literature in Motion #1 DDLJ Movies considered as Literature in Motion and keeping that concept in mind I am trying here to present that literature in a poem. Its an experiment and what better than all time favorite magnum opus Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge (DDLJ) to start this. I have tried to poetically display Raj & Simran's love story in hope that you will like it. 

A girl full of hopes & dream, a boy with fun & gleam
met in a Euro rail trip.
girl missed the train, boy do the same,
there life then flip.

Girl was on vacation but on her father's condition,
in India she has to marry in her father's relation.
Raj (boy) & Simran's (girl) love bloomed,
in journey but it never groomed.
they left each-other there love untold,
they left forever there love untold.

Raj realized and went to her to express,
however they went to India to avoid distress.
sad in her memory his charm gone,
his father encouraged 'get her come on'

In India they met, she told to …

International Women's Day

International Women's Day A man is nothing without a woman in his life still women struggles to get her desired position in life because men consider himself a better sex. Let's create a world where women is not placed as equal but ahead of men. Happy Women's Day a poem dedicated to all women. 

You are the start you are the end and anything in between,without you world is deprived of its present sheen,
You hold us, you support us, you lead us,you make us, you break us, you feed us.
Disheartening you need a day to world know your importance,without you when half population clueless about their significance.
'As you Wish' when world would let you stay,then not 8th March but every day will be a women's day.


एहसास (Ehsaas)
हर पल मेरे ही साथ तू होता है,मौजूद न हो तो एहसास रहता है। Har Pal Mere Hi Saath Tu Hota Hai,Maujood Na Ho To Ehsaas Rehta Hai.
तेरे ही संग ये ज़िन्दगी बितानी है,तुझ बिन जीने का एहसास ही न होता है। Tere Hi Sang Ye Zindagi Bitani Hai,Tujh Bin Jeene Ka Ehsaas Hi Na Hota Hai.
तुझको न चाहूँ तो करूँ भी में क्या,तुझसे शुरू ही हर काम मेरा होता है। Tujhko Na Chahun To Karun Bhi Mein Kya,Tujhse Shuru Hi Har Kaam Mera Hota Hai.
तूने किया रुसवा तो बच ना सकेंगे हम,दर पे तेरे ही सुबह-ओ-शाम मेरा होता है। Tune Kiya Ruswa To Bach Na Sakenge Hum,Dar Pe Tere Hi Subha-O-Shaam Mera Hota Hai.
मौत भी आई तो मौत से कह देंगें,लेने-देने का मुझसे बस हक़ तेरा होता है। Maut Bhi Aai To Maut Se Keh Denge,Lene-Dene Ka Mujhse Bas Haq Tera Hota Hai.
हूँ में 'सिफर' तेरे बिन कुछ नहीं हूँ,जुड़ कर ही तुझसे तो नाम मेरा होता है। Hun Mein 'Cifar' Tere Bin Kuch Bhi Nahin Hun,Jud Kar Hi Tujhse To Naam Mera Hota Hai.
एहसास (Ehsaas) - Feelings ; मौजूद (Maujood) - Present ; रुस्वा (Ruswa) - Dishonor) ; हक़ (Ha…

Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai

हस्ती अपनी हबाब की सी है। (Hasti Apni Sharab Ki Si Hai) - My Existence Is Like A Bubble - Mir Taqi Mir Mir Taqi Mir is in full praise of his beloved in this Ghazal and lamenting for not becoming close to her. He said that without her his existence is like an illusion. If you read this Ghazal you will know that opening of song 'Honth Rasiley' from Welcome (2007) is inspired from it. I have tried to translate it here for your better understanding. 

हस्ती अपनी हबाब की सी है,ये नुमाइश सराब की सी है। Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai,Ye Numaish Saraab Ki Si Hai.
My existence is like a bubble's version, this exhibition is only like an illusion.
नाज़ुकी उस के लब की क्या कहिए,पंखुड़ी इक गुलाब की सी है। Nazuki Us Ke Lab Ki Kya Kahiye,Pankhudi Ek Gulab Ki Si Hai.
The softness of her lips goes, like the petals of a rose.
चश्म-ए-दिल खोल इस भी आलम पर,याँ की औक़ात ख़्वाब की सी है। Chasm-e-Dil Khol Is Bhi Aalam Par,Yan Ki Aukaat Khwaab Ki Si Hai.
Also open the eyes to this world's condition, …

Pyaar Ki Raah Chune

प्यार की राह चुने। (Pyaar Ki Raah Chune) Season of love starts with valentine week i.e the various days denoted to express your feelings for somebody. Feb 7 is Rose Day, Feb 8 is Propose Day then comes Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally Valentine Day from 9th to 14th February respectively. I believe that love needs no day to express but in the popular culture if we have a dedicated day for it enjoy it fully with your loved one. Here in this Hindi poem there is a conversation between a boy and a girl of expressing their love for each other. They think that the world and the society always remain against those who love so they must unite without thinking about anybody but only about their love. They decided to walk on the path of love leaving hatred aside. I hope you will enjoy this poem.Happy Valentine Day.

प्रेमी (Premi) :
तेरी बाँहों में आराम मिले,
न इससे भला कोई काम मिले,
दुनिया को भुलाये बैठा हूँ, तेरी यादों में खोया रहता हूँ। 
Teri Bahon Mein Aaram Mi…

Haiku : Rose Day

Haiku : Rose Day

Delicate like love,rose has so many colorsto express feelings.

You Cry Alone

You Cry Alone
Our pain only become point of laughter for the others. It is better to gather your will power and stand at your own in any situation of your life. This poem is just expression of this feeling. Hope you will like reading it. 

When you cry, you cry alone, Nobody to care, no one to mourn.
People are not bother about your pain, what they need from you is profit and gain.
It is upon us how ourselves we maintain, dependent on others or self contain.
Sorrows like happiness are part of life, not let them grow to curtail & strife.
Live life to the fullest carefree without strain, In the end it's your will and identity you have to retain.